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Milk fruits grocery medicine


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Best Deals

Bisleri 20L Water - Rs.70/- (Free home delivery)
Normal 20L Water - Rs. 35/- (Free home delivery)
Supplier: JGI-8552966688

MILK-JGI MILK-8552966688
VEGETABLE & FRUITS-JGI-91 8552966688
Everything else coming soon...

Milk fruits grocery medicine

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

Saving Customer’s Time & Money. No Virtual Shopping anymore. Real Shopping with no time waste. Traffic reduction like anything either at store counter or road/parking.

No ads, promotions, No confusion, in short no time waste.

Our Mission.To bridge the gap between offline stores and online stores

Offline & online products & services on a single plateform with real time inventory update supported by JGI local logistic to get best deal in terms of shopping experience, quality, cost, discounts, location, delivery, convinience by saving customer's time & money.

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

A. Check out the product & services availability hassle free before you step down to any offline or online store.
B. Get your product ready hassle free at security before you step down in the store
C. Get your any available market ordered product delivered hassle free at your doorstep within 30 min.
D. Do endless shopping anywhere of any amount at offline or offline store and get it delivered hassle free within 30 min
E. Get the best deal product you like to buy with real shopping experience by visiting the nearby offline store on your way of travel.

Our Workflow

Choose from a wide range of Options for your best matched Localized Shopping Experience

Choose a Product.

Pick the product from the store nearby at the best possible & available deal.
Order Placement @ Customer Care by (91) 8552966688
Or mail: justgetit.co.in@gmail.com
Call/Mesg/Whatsapp/FB Chat/Mail/App/Website.
Order Sequencing as per Stores Location by Customer Care


Enter Shipping Info.

Order Pick Up info to Logistic by Customer Care
Pack in the JGI ecofriendly refundable bag and store as per the product quality. Carried to your doorstep by our Logistic.
Order Record by bill pic on Whatssapp by Logistic


Complete your Payment.

Order Delivery and Payment Receipt by Logistic
Payment received to round-off value to avoid delay in payment. Excess/Short payment is updated to you JGI wallet by JGI Customer Care. (+/-)

Where we operate

Third Floor, Banni The Address, 1 Golf

Course Road, Sector-56, Gurugram-122011.

Coming soon in your location

Future Insights

We are going to begin with offering Products & Services from the offline & online Suppliers/agencies scattered across the Kalyani Nagar / Koregaon Park (Pune) for time being to expend to all the areas of the world on a single platform. This will be diversified into the following specialized areas after successful establishment:

Online Big Players
Offline Small & Big Stores
Customized Online & Offline Product & Service providers

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